After a great deal of love and encouragement from people who have shown more value in my writings and thoughts that I could ever have expected, I have decided to pursue this creative project.

This comes with a significant amount of movement within my creative processes, with me self-publishing second editions of my books Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods and Feral Iconoclasm: Anarchy as Rising and Dying, on May 15th 2020, and the decision to self-publish the first edition of the last book in the collection Feral Life: Meditations on Anarchists and Anarchy later this year.

After over many years of being involved in anarchist, environmentalist and other radical discourses, I found myself having conversations with a dying loved one, who encouraged me to create, in their words, a “practice” for people to explore. So I did my best to map out what might be a workable practice for people to explore. I wrote this out as part of the collection of pieces that are in Feral Life, but have published here, split up into the different parts, for anyone to read the sections to this practice I am calling Feralculture. These are found in the different pages on this site, available from the bar at the top of the next to Home and Content, and are intended as useful guides for people to use, or just as means of reflecting upon processes that they are already involved in. They have been laid out here in the same order as in the book, i.e. Feralculture moves on to Grounding, and then Primal Trauma, and so on. That being said, they don’t necessarily need to be read specifically in that order.

I have a desire to manifest more of my rebellion as a healer. So I am hoping to spend the next few years training to become a qualified counsellor and a certified Shinrin Yoku guide, with the intention being that I find myself in a position where I can work as an eco-therapist and survive Leviathan through rewilding, grounding and wandering with individuals. I started the process of my training to gain qualifications to work as an eco-therapist by completing a course to gain a certificate in guided meditation –

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.41.21.png

Part of my intention with this project is to publish some guided meditation videos, for people to use as they wish. Like Krishnamurti, I reject the idea that there are authorities who can teach the right way to meditate and I am not wishing to position myself as an authority on the practice. My wish is only to be able to help guide people who might struggle without someone to lead them through the processes. Alongside the meditation videos, I intend to start a podcast.

I blog at Eco Revolt, where you can find my published works, or places to find my published works.

Love and rage!

Julian Langer (this grinning idiot) –