Milo Yiannopoulos: Bullying, Pedophilia Advocacy and a Cancelled Book Deal

Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor of Breitbart, face of the alt-Right and keynote speaker for The American Conservative Union’s CPAC gathering this year, is now defending pedophilia. His advocacy of Pederasty is limited to those who have reached puberty, his defence being based in a personal experience he had aged 14.

Here are two videos of him voicing his position on the matter.

Other (bullshit) arguments he has voiced have included vulgar criticisms of feminism (devoid of contentĀ that refers to anything Real) and calling Black Lives Matter a hate group.

In defence of his politics, Yiannopoulos recently bullied a transgender person (video below).

And a recent appearance with Bill Maher has also sparked controversy, over his delight in upsetting people, supposedly in the name of freedom of speech (video below).

While PC culture and moralist thought policing does warrant criticism and discussion – in the wild are there safe spaces (really)? – but causing upset for the sake of causing upset and advocating non-consensual sex, performed on young people just entering puberty, is an entirely different thing; it is something that is vile and abhorrent.

As consequence of his recent child abuse comments, the book deal for his autobiography, Dangerous, has been cancelled. These comments have also stirred dissension among Brietbart employees, with many threatening to quit if he is not fired.

While I do not wish to grant Yiannopoulos the outrage he desires – the outrage that has been the fuel for his rise in popularity – I find it impossible to not take disgust in his advocating the rape of children, or not take delight in his book deal being cancelled. So ultimately, when it comes to Milo, I feel like joining Larry Wilmore in telling the dickhead “go fuck yourself” and ROLFing for the foreseeable future over his failed literary enterprise.


1 thought on “Milo Yiannopoulos: Bullying, Pedophilia Advocacy and a Cancelled Book Deal

  1. Unfortunately we see the push of normalisation of pedophilia both on the right and the left.
    Some anarchists proposed total sexual liberation from age of consent like Hakim Bey, some Marxist men also dream of this.
    German Green Party was advocating for pedophilia and lowering the age of consent. It also comes from academics and LGBTQ rethoric (queering early childhood sexuality) It is very disturbing and concerning:


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