Ancient Oak, Toxic Tsunami


On June 5th, 754CE St. Boniface was murdered by thieves who claimed their act was just. They murdered Boniface and his retinue as divine revenge for Boniface’s desecration of a sacred pagan site of worship.

In 723CE, Boniface, then a Christian missionary named Winifred, chopped down a Donnar-Oak (Thunder Oak). The massive and ancient oak trees found throughout northern continental Europe were considered sacred to Thor, the god of thunder and the protector of the common people. While chiefs and petty nobles worshiped Odin, his son Thor, a strong god who slays frost (winter) giants, brings fertile rains, and also happens to be the god of metal work, was the champion of slaves, peasants, and the common people in general.

St. Boniface’s official church narrative claims he was converting savages. He gathered the people around the oak and claimed that if he could hack it down without being struck down…

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