Oakland Arson Attacks – Against Progress


In Oakland California an underground activist, or group of activists, is burning down new developments.

This group or individual works in the early hours of the morning and no one has been reported injured.

Two days ago the 5th construction site arson since 2012 in Oakland city was performed and now the American Federal arson investigators have been called in.

Here in the CBS coverage of the most recent fire –

My contact regarding the fires has informed me that they are being done as acts of anti-gentrification resistance – oppositional to the relentless march of progress.

Underground activists and eco-radicals have consistently used property destruction as a means of resistance and revolt, as it serves as an obvious and pragmatic means of opposing the material apparatus of this culture – ELF and ALF’s, and MEND’s activities immediately spring to mind.


The ruins of the construction sites now stand as kinetic sculptures, reminders of the creative-destructive wildness of life/Being; iconoclastic acts, which succeed in disrupting the progress of history within Oakland California.

These acts should remind us all of the potential small groups and property destruction has, as means of resisting this culture.


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