Fight of the Rebel Territory, ITS and Direct Action As Resistance

Recently in Chile, a group of individuals hijacked and burned 29 logging vehicles, in the name of the indigenous Mapuche peoples.

The resistance collective Weichan Auka Mapu – Fight of the Rebel Territory or Struggle in Rebellious Territory in english – has claimed responsibility for the action.


By May 2016 the group had claimed responsibility for more than 30 sabotage attacks and in a communique to Earth First! Journal state –

“As a political approach presented to the various communities that conform this alliance, the sense of resistance struggle, the territorial control and occupation of small and large scale usurped spaces belonging to all forms of Winka (settler) oppression mentioned previously, have been proposed until the Mapuche nation can achieve true autonomy.

This strategic ideological approach – the political, cultural, socio-organizational and territorial reconstruction of our Mapuche Nation – is separate from all forms of Western thought, whether it relates to parties or ideologies, such as the broader Left, Marxist, Anarchist, Social Democratic and other ideas foreign to our worldview. This does not mean we do not respect the social struggles of other peoples, their thought and organization.

Within a cultural, as well as social, framework, the search for spiritual balance as well as real justice is sought without being fundamentalist. While embracing the nationalist Revolutionary Mapuche struggle, this practical reconstruction allows us to become Anti-Capitalist and Anti-colonial, breaking with all forms of Capitalist domination. This allows for reclaimed spaces to become the basis of collective production, and not under the exploitation of human beings over each other, allowing for the construction of a healthy and just society in every aspect.

We have, therefore, not only taken on this struggle in order to administrate justice for us as a people, but also to exert the spiritual defense of our Ngen, which suffer from the advancing invasion, plunder and occupation of our Ñuke Mapu.

In the area of resistance, we incorporate an armed defense element, as an obliged response to the systematic violence that has been carried out by the Chilean State against our Mapuche People.” Weichan Auka Mapu


The Chilean police force has been accused of using authoritarian violence against the Mapuche people, including shooting women and children with rubber bullets. In 2009 9 young Mapuche boys were wounded by police, in violent politically motivated attacks, including a 10 year old shot in the head with a projectile.

So it seems that as civilisation and the state march history forward, in the great progress of history, that indigenous they attempt to colonised, who have not lost their relationship with wildlife and the wild, are doing whatever it takes to defend what they love and resist violence towards it. And it seems that we feral and iconoclastic beings, who choose to be allies of the wild, must also join them in anti-meliorist resistance against development and progression.

In their thirty sixth communique Mexican eco-extremist group Individualist Tending Towards the Wild state –

“The fire “spoke”, the mania to light vehicles has not left us, nor will it ever.

In the early morning of the first day of August, we lit a trailer on fire in the alternate avenue of the Via Lopez Portillo, around Fovissste, in Ecatepec, Mexico State.

Our device consumed the entire accursed machine. The flames were unleashed and expanded threatening the surrounding houses that also deserve to burn. It would not have mattered to us if the slumbering citizens came out hurt, intoxicated, or whatever, since all in this repugnant society deserves to lie in smoldering ashes.

With this first act we declare to the authorities that we’re back. We are going to unleash a wave of indiscriminate / selective arsons sooner or later. So don’t be surprised if this picks up…

Our devices are designed to burn and some minutes afterwards to detónate. So we recommend that heroic citizens should be aware of the consequences should they try to put out the Great Consumer.

Because we hate the loud, disruptive, and harmful machines, symbol of despicable human progress:

Fire and explosives against civilization

With the Wild at our side!

Courage to criminality!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

Pagan Sect of the Mountain”

And it seems that fire is serving the Mapuche resistance fighters well too, in their attacks against civilisation.


Anarchs-Primitivist writer Kevin Tucker has stated –

“It is beyond obvious that we are not meant to rule nature. What is it that we are holding on to that we can’t just let go of? Our mediated existence, the future we constantly look forward to but never reach, anticipation of not having to work anymore to meet the basic needs of survival, all our material possessions that could be wiped away in an unpredictable fire, yet we would be willing to die for. The whole of civilized existence is a burden, on the planet and our own lives. How long will we try to hold up the impossible empire? How long will we try to justify our destruction, when the very thing we are worshipping could destroy us at any second? Our lives are at risk in civilization. We never know what disaster could happen or when, but we are trapped. Everything around us could take our lives and what would we have to show for it aside from a contribution to the impossible dream, and it won’t be shedding a tear at your funeral. Disasters are one of the many costs of civilization and settlements, they will occur as long as these things exist. So do we start listening to the warnings or do we learn lessons from societies that function in balance with nature? One solution ends in disaster and the other solution is life. It’s up to use to choose which will be our fate and to act upon this decision.” Kevin Tucker

So I invite you to look at where you live and find ways and means of resisting this culture’s violence against the wild and attack, as and when you can.

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5 thoughts on “Fight of the Rebel Territory, ITS and Direct Action As Resistance

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  2. Why the fuck are you quoting me as though I support ITS? I’m pretty fucking clear in stating the obvious: there’s nothing “wild” about being a bunch of wanna-be serial killers. Moron.


    1. Hi Kevin

      I never said you support ITS and as you’ll see linked where the quote is from. Both ITS and yourself are prominent voices in current eco-radical discussion, so I decided to include both.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Why are you scared?


  3. Langer, you tried to blur the ground here between the ITS eco-fascists and the earth liberation struggle, it’s obvious, and you know it.. If you knew anything about what you are writing about, you would write better texts, but you are a poor writer with almost nothing to offer anyone. Those who are in any way half informed about what you’re writing about can easily see that.

    Stop embarrassing yourself you little hippy dweeb.


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