Communique From Badger Cull Resisters, Requesting Support

This is a communique originally posted on the Facebook page of the Devon County Hunt Saboteurs.


“This badger was found in a cage-trap in a Devon cull zone last night. Judging by the state of him he had been in there for quite some time. He was covered in mud, sitting in his own excrement, very scared. His spirit was broken. Most badgers in this situation end up with a bullet in their head the next morning. This one got away.

We are out day and night, covering huge areas. It costs an enormous amount in fuel. If you can contribute to our ongoing costs to keep us in the field, you can donate here:

Solidarity with eco-radicals defending the wild and resisting civilisation’s violent oppression!


Author: Julian Langer

Writer of Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods, blogger at Eco-Revolt, and has been published on a number of other sites. Eco-anarchist and guerilla ontologist philosopher. Lover of woods, deer, badgers and other wild beings. Musician and activist.

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