More News From The Cull Zone

“We have to speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.” Peter Singer

“While civilization has been improving our houses, it has not equally improved the men who are to inhabit them” Thoreau


The photo above is taken from a video clip posted in this article by the Mirror, and is of a badger who bled to death while trapped in this cage.

Cages like these are widespread across the British countryside during the cull season and with the cull zone being extended to include areas such as Macclesfield, it is becoming increasingly difficult for activists and eco-radicals to defend these creatures and resist this campaign in specicide.

The Nottingham Hunt Sabs are in Devon now, supporting anti-cull resistance, and are requesting financial support to keep them in the cull zone, fighting the fight in love and support of these living beings.

This was posted through the Facebook page of the Sheffield Hunt Sabs –

The cull in Devon is now underway. Despite difficulties thrown in our way, we were reminded of the exact reason we are down here when we released this beauty with friends from West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs. The last, and possibly first, badger that ever entered this cage. Please consider donating to help both groups continue protecting wildlife up and down the country. Sheffield West Yorkshire

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2 thoughts on “More News From The Cull Zone

  1. This might be more useful/effective if you included at least brief explanation of the “cull zone” and a little background on what is going on.


    1. That has been covered on previous entries to this site Anders.


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