The “Boar War”, Pixies and Property Damage

Wild boar in the UK were hunted to extinction 300 years ago, but not too long ago a feral population of boar rewilded and reclaimed the place in the ecosystems of these isles left by their wild relatives.


Recently though, following hunt saboteurs resisting the boar cull underway in the Forest of Dean, a conflict, dubbed the “Boar War”, is underway, between Pixies who are opposing the killing of these animals, seeing them as valuable edition to the local ecology and the hunters who wish to see these creatures dead.

The Guardian article linked above states “The [Forest] commission put the boar population in 2016-17 at 1,562, though some activists believe this figure is inflated. It has set a “target” population at 400. During the 2016-17 cull, 492 animals were killed – a number that also includes those killed in road accidents”. So their numbers are already very low. Wild Boar UK states that there might be as many as 4000 living on these isles, but these numbers still pale in comparison to their numbers pre-agricultural cultivation, pre-civilisation.


Cull resisters, Pixies and other feral folk have, as one means of attack, taken to destroying the PoW style watchtowers the huntsmen use to shoot from, which they call “killing chairs” – a fair name to use.



This means of attack has been valuable to other eco-anarchist groups around the world, such as ALF in Germany, France and Sweden, as are other forms of property damage.

What is interesting about the press around the Boar War, is that, in an apparent attempt to make anti-cull activists appear like “freaks” (or whatever word you care to use), it is being claimed that the Pixies are shoving poo down locks – something which they have responded to stating that this is not what they are doing, but that they aren’t the only anti-cull presence.

Nor should they be the only presence resisting this ugly ecocidal onslaught!

What this culture enacts on all wildlife, in all the senses that entaills, including the living wild of flora, weather systems, the air and everything we generally call “natural”, is an ugly violence that is intolerable.


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