Bear Attacks


(artwork by John McDermott–Outdoor-Life-magazine-story/9E7D0DB54EAEA2A5)

Most, if not all, species of bear are having to survive in the spaces left for them by this culture, as loss of habitat and food supplies threaten their survival.

When forced to take more drastic measures, these beautiful ancient creatures will fight by any means necessary to survive.

This includes (of course) attacking humans, who are in many ways an abundant source of meat.

In 2017, in the US state of Montana, a hunter was mauled by a bear he tried to shoot. The hunter survived, but was left with severe wounds.

Also in 2017, this time in the US state of Colorado, a wilderness survival course teacher, aged 19, awoke to a bear biting down on his skull. He was dragged several feet before he managed to escape.

In Japan, as bear sitings increase (probably due to development and the corresponding habitation loss), the nation has witnessed a rise in bear attacks, with more and more people being killed in the process.

And as long as this ecocidal culture continues enacting violence upon wild-spaces where these beautiful creatures live attacks like these look more and more likely.

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