Squirrel Attacks


Squirrels, like many other species, are having to survive in the world built by this culture. This world has been built on the land that was once squirrel homes, with wood that was once trees they once lived amongst.

Having to live in this world built by civilised-humanity, squirrels now, on occasion, feel the need to attack humans in order to survive.

An example of this is a 2016 event, wherein 3 people living in a Florida old people’s home were attacked by a squirrel. This attack led to the emergency services being contacted, to ensure these people were not infected with rabies by the squirrel.

Other similar events have occurred in America recently –

As their world is under threat from this culture, squirrels and others like them are likely to bite back in order to survive. They need this culture to stop enacting violence upon their homes.

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