Kerala: The Impact of Ecocide

There are over 300 (human) people dead and over 200,000 left homeless due to the flooding, cause by intense rainfall in Kerala, India.

The cause for this ecological disaster are almost entirely certainly down to the after effects of domesticating the land through deforestation and the global warming crisis techno-industrial society has brought us.

The potential to address this and at the very least reduce it was squandered by those in positions of authority – politicians, business leaders and scientists – leaving the situation to play out as it has done.

Though perhaps we would be naive to have hoped for anything more from those in positions of authority (as a political pessimist I am inclined to assume this is the case).

Where this leaves us is a place that is very uncomfortable.

This summer’s global heatwave, the death and damage that has created, is as clear a sign as any that we are living within an event that will likely see changes to the planet’s ecology and weather systems.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the system cannot be trusted to fix itself and do what is needed to heal the biosphere.

If we desire a living breathing biosphere, one that is wild and untame, then we have to take responsibility for this world we are extensions of and do whatever we can do to support the growth of the living breathing world.

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