This site is dedicated to producing and uploading content on anything about, or that relates to, “feral-being”. This is done with an aim to be as inclusive as possible, and to include content regarding subjects that might not be the personal focus on the sites admins.

Following this, the site covers topics regarding philosophy, spirituality, current-affairs, practical rewilding, self-sufficiency, colonialism, patriarchy, domestication, ecocide, specicide, political-theory, technology, naturism and personal life-style.

We are particularly interested in uploading submissions, so please contact us via the contact us page if you are interested in sending anything our way. The personal leanings of the admins is towards anti-civilisation politics, as well as existentialist and post-left anarchy philosophies, but we are more than happy to include appropriate content that differs from this. We are happy to accept submissions from languages that aren’t English, with an attached blurb in English for review, and can translate content in French and Spanish if required/desired for any submission in those dialects.

This is very much an experiment for all those involved, fitted around our normal-daily activities. As such, we ask for a reasonable degree of understanding.

Our Team

Julian Langer Editor/Contributor: Julian is a published anarchist writer/philosopher – information on his book can be found on his personal blog. He has also written for the Return To Now blog, the Sunrise Diversity website and the Deep Green Resistance news service.

Nickie Shobiery Deputy Editor: Nickie is a freelance journalist, who has written for a number of different websites and newspapers.

Chaguin Perales French and Spanish translator: Chaguin also translates for Le Partage.

Cat Kichi Contributor: Cat is a traveling vlogger, who will post articles about her travels.

(We are looking to get more people into our team so please contact if interested.)

“I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.” Nietzsche

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