Deconstructing Machines

Deconstructing machines is neither work or play, but entirely both. It is most of what I wrote about in my first book and is the space of feral consciousness.

The first machine that is deconstructed is that of the technologically constructed and mediated identity of the self. Not the Unique I, the selfof experience, the primal anarchist animal grounded by earthly eros, experiencing a primal trauma, of having been violated by Leviathan to be made human. Instead the conceptualised selfthat binds, chains and encages us to this machine. The selfof the obedient wife who has to obey her husband; of national identity that ties you patriotically and demands you sacrifice yourself as a soldier; of a worker who is defined by their job; and so on. This gets dismantled piece by piece, through persistent deconstruction.

After this, political and productive machines start being deconstructed. Political parties, lobbyists, organisations, big corporate businesses, industrial machines, digital machines, media machines and agricultural machines (and more), all become targets for deconstruction. Challenging cultural and systemic narratives is central to this aspect of deconstructing machines, which is why deconstructing machines is the centre of focus for much of what activists seek to do – the difference in the case of feralculture praxis being that there would be no attempt to reconstruct the machines, unlike revolutionaries and liberal activists (why many people don’t go further than this).

The deconstruction of machines is different for different machines. Taking apart racist structures within a community is a process that involves a degree of collaborative effort and is most effective when the collaborators have the trust and friendship that comes with tribal familiarity. Dismantling a trap or cage can be done individually with little issues. Culture jamming and Operation Mind Fuck type (social) media projects can be fun ways of dismantling media and informational machines.

Deconstructing the machine of the selfcan be done individually with meditative exploration, artistic experiments and other means of individualisation and personal empowerment.

This all works towards individual self-empowerment, as being able to affect the world and take responsibility for yourself; as well as being means of challenging and resisting the activities that are abusing earth.