Feral Culture

It is flattering when someone acknowledges something you have created and affirms it as something that they personally value. Compliments can be wonderful and revolting, as much as insults, but both compliments and insults are usually best treated as nothing. When someone you love and is dying affirms your creativity and advises that you take it further, a desire to honour what they have said fills you.

This has been the case for me.

I have a dislike for designs for futures, cartographies for ideal societies and choreographies for radicals. This is the main reason why I have never written out any attempts for structural practice – just made suggestions that any individual could take and make their own.

What I am going to attempt to lay out here is an attempt at a (non-)practice for eco-anarchists, for psychic, rebellion and ecological rewilding. It is a practice, in that it is a map for eco-anarchy, but it is a map with no roads, paths or signs to point someone in the “right” direction, with the geography constantly changing. It is not a practice because we are alive now, there are no first attempts, and I am not a guru offering a road to salvation.

This is not a fixing of a machine or machines, but an attempt to heal ourselves, and the earth that we are Extensions of. It is an attempt to unleash our animality, to destroy cages and dehumanise this world, starting with unhumanising our minds, our means of rebellion and ecological restoration attempts. It can be done with people who are part of your tribe, or as a solitary process.

This is self help – self help as an individual singularity, who is an Extension of the multiplicity of Being that is ecological, as alive.