While this is not a linear process, the medium of text requires a starting place, so here we will start.

Grounding begins by finding yourself in the world, immersed in the world. You find yourself as a tiny creature, whose life is finite, pointless and largely tragic. In a deep ecological and existential sense, our individual lives are utterly meaningless – in the same way that it doesn’t really matter if one badger, one giant red wood, one bumblebee, one koala, one otter, or one Chilean crocus dies.

This nihilism can be thought of as rock bottom. Not rock bottom as being beneath anyone or anything on a social hierarchy. Rock bottom as being able to feel the hard stone Real of existence/life, as an immediate personally subjective experience, that is individual to who you/I are/am.

Sensuality then moves into the sensation of what eco-phenomenologist David Abram’s has described as the gravitational Earthly eros, where we experience a strange love for the world we are Extensions of. This is a part of the experience of paneroticism(, which I will go into in more detail in another section of this book). There is a strange, uncanny, tug that doesn’t fit any rationality, but is authentically your own sense of desiring Being-in-the-world – will-to-life/will-to-power. An absurd refusal to give in to the despair that would fit a humanistic logic courses through your body and you go on.

Hiking, meditation, gardening, swimming, nudism, cooking, learning wild-craft skills and sex, are all activities that can be part of the process of grounding – of course it is not a process that is limited to these.