Primal Trauma

This is where the grounding you have done enables and empowers you to honestly face the wounds that you have experienced, which scar your body, as scars cover the body of the world Earth we are immersed within. You find how you’ve been castrated, caged, conditioned, placed into slavery to work machines that abuse other animals (human and non-human) and violate earth.

There is a fury that comes with encountering primal trauma, born from an energetic will to life. It is the anger of revolt, the sensation of revulsion. This is a personal encounter – as suffering is a personal sensual experience – that we share with others who have experienced abuse and violation. While it often becomes rationalised into ideologies and theories, when we honestly face it Uniquely, there is a quality to it that cannot be spoken about as a Real phenomenon – but, of course, we cannot be silent. An eruption will be needed, as a primal, anarchist, animal scream

Primal trauma is a space for consciousness raising, research and personal meditation and reflection. Conversations with those who are part of our personal tribes – family, lovers, friends, co-conspirators and so on – are ways of exploring and being supported through our individual sensations of primal trauma.

The aspect of primal trauma that is most paradoxical and difficult to reconcile is that this is a process that is personal and earthly, singularly monist and entirely plural, individual and collective.