Like how we needed a beginning to this, we need an ending, But we are beginning entirely at an end and ending at a beginning.

Wandering is similar to grounding, but different. You might even go back to grounding from here. It is like the eternal return of the flesh/now that Nietzsche wrote about, or the repetition of difference that Deleuze described. It is becoming-animal, as overcoming humanisation.

As a practice, I have found that wandering is most like Shinrin Yoku, non-dualist mystic forms of mediation, near death limit-experience, and the experience of making love. All mediation dissolves away and you encounter the world in a way that is totally unspeakable. You become both one with everything and collapse into the monstrous abyss of no-Thingness.

Of course, you might find it (and will find it) as you encounter it. I cannot tell you how to do it and wouldn’t want to. You will not be able to produce the experience, but will encounter it, like the calm quiet after a plate shatters, beyond being able to fix.

Wandering involves the experience of freedom and liberation in an animal sense that is ineffable and knowable only through sensation. It is voidwork.

In both Feral Consciousness and Feral IconoclasmI failed to articulate this experience, as I will fail to do so here. It is a dark mystical experience of primal anarchy that is not rational and has no laws – so any argument regarding it is ultimately pointless, you cannot find it through dialectics and God hates it. Alejandro De Acosta described a mystic as someone who succeeds by failing, so I am pleased to continually fail in my attempt to articulate this.